These are just some of the letters and comments we have received from residents’ families regarding the care their loved ones received at Yew Tree Nursing Home. We are always happy to receive feedback from residents and families so please feel free to add your testimonial at the bottom of this page.

  1. Julie, Jayne & Keith Dixon

    Our Mom spent her last 6 weeks in the gentle & sensitive care of Yew Tree. Even before she got there Carol visited her in hospital to undertake an assessment. This happened quickly less than 24 hours after we contacted the home. During the assessment she was thorough, accessing all the records. She was sensitive to our Mum and her needs.
    The move to Yew Tree was efficient and all the staff helped mom to settle in. A Care Plan was drawn up immediately. Mom was kept comfortable throughout her stay. Our family also recieved a warm welcome and it was made clear that we were welcome to visit our mom anytime and stay for meals if needed. Yew Tree welcomed our mom with a bouquet of flowers to put in her room. Overall the quality of care was excellent and when our mom passed away the staff were sensitive and caring to our family..

  2. Clare Kent

    My name is Clare I’ve only worked at yew tree for a few weeks . I’ve worked in the health and social care for 18 years, I’ve never felt so happy and been made so welcome then I have working at yew tree. All the staff are very friendly they are always willing to help the manager always goes out her way to make sure you are ok. I’ve never had that before . Yew tree is like a family home, we got duncan our Shetland pony and Gemma our cat Whitch is very therapeutic for our clients we also have chickens in our garden. The home itself offers a warm loving environment with beautiful surroundings. What our clients won’t they have there is no question about it in the lounges there are always snakes for them, members of family stay and have lunch , there is a cafe we’re our clients can go with there family.

  3. Chris Manyumbu

    I started working at Yew Tree Nursing Home as an Agency nursed two years ago. As an Agency nurse, I have the opportunity of experiencing how Care homes deliver their services to the vulnerable adults. Yew Tree has proved to be the best care home I have worked for so far. The home is well led and has an excellent team of both nurses, health care assistance, cooks, activity coordinators and the grounds men to mention just but a few. I really like the idea that the manager of this home is not like other managers I have seen, who do not have a clear picture of what is happening on the shop floor. Yew Tree`s manager is a Team Leader rather than a manager. she likes working with her staff and has is a positive image to staff. so many times I have witnessed her working as a nurse in charge of the shift by herself with carers. this proved to be the underpinning factor of the provision of quality care to the elderly people who reside at Yew Tree. the care provided is person centred and tailor made to meet residents` needs as individuals. Residents are supported in making decisions about their care, and the home works in a very excellent partnership with residents` families in the care planning and formulating some clear guidelines on how the planned care is to be delivered. Residents are treated with privacy and dignity and are encouraged to make choices on so many aspects of their care. The home works closely with the allocated GPs, who are readily available to visit the home if needs arrive even on days that are outside their home visits days. Also the Home works alongside responsible pharmacies. Ever since I started doing some shifts at Yew Tree, I have never witnessed a case whereby residents ran out of their prescribed medication as compared to other places I have worked. The Home has an excellent communication system in place, to ensure that information is shared. Yew Tree is the cleanest home I have worked so far, this has a very positive impact on residents’ well being. The home does provides healthy cooked meals to the residents every day and residents can choose what they want to have from a variety of meals on the Home` s menu. In a nutshell, I would rate the home 9 out of 10 I would not hesitate to refer anyone who could be looking for a place for their elderly loved ones. Keep up the good standards Yew Tree Care Home, you are the best.

  4. Sue and Hollie Close

    As both a practising Registered Social Worker and Manager within a local authority for some 40 years, and a qualified and experienced Independent Best Interests Assessor undertaking assessments relating to the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards since 2011, I am no stranger to residential care and nursing homes for older people, having carried out in-depth visits to a very extensive number of these in this latter role in particular and hence having quite considerable experience of observing the realities of the varying ways in which care is (and is not) provided in such settings. Having a daughter who is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, and who has worked with a number of such homes from both hospital and community settings, as an albeit very small family, we were therefore not short of knowledge or experience when we found ourselves in the position of having to cross the divide from being professionals to being consumers, when we found ourselves needing to find residential nursing care for my elderly mother. Our joint experiences did not give us much comfort, however, as we were perhaps rather too aware of many of the unhappy realities of a significant number of such homes, and therefore approached the task with no small amount of fear and trepidation, and very significant anxiety and apprehension about being able to find a home in which we would be confident and content to place our precious mother and grandmother.
    Our initial experience when my mother was discharged from hospital into a hospital discharge bed in what was euphemistically and embarrassingly called an “Enhanced Assessment Placement” in a local nursing home in Birmingham (thankfully subsequently closed down), took only days to confirm our very worst fears, and within only one week, my daughter and myself found ourselves having to pool our joint knowledge, experience, and professional confidence to openly challenge what was going on, and insist in the strongest way possible that my mother should be removed and transferred to a home which was willing and able to provide her with the quality safety, protection, and care to which we believe all older people should be entitled as a right. Luckily for us, Yew Tree Nursing Home proved to be just such a home.
    Although the emergency nature of my mother’s admission to Yew Tree in late April 2016 was less than ideal, from the very beginning, Carol the manager and all her staff, pulled out all the stops to not only offer mom a place with her own ensuite bedroom, but to calm and settle her after her previous dreadful experience. Our very great fear had been that this awful prior experience would have a very detrimentally negative effect upon my mother’s preparedness to accept the intensive care which she clearly needed by that time, but within only a very few days, it was so apparent that she was not only accepting this but thriving beyond our wildest hopes. The very significant amount of weight she had lost whilst in hospital and this “Enhanced Assessment Bed”, was very quickly regained and indeed exceeded due to her love of the quality and variety of the home-made food and especially the cakes readily available at Yew Tree and to which she quickly became almost addicted, and her dishevelled, unkempt, and neglected appearance disappeared, never to return. The distress, tears and indeed sobbing which had become the norm in the week prior to her admission to Yew Tree, ceased virtually immediately, to be replaced by an almost constant smile and cheery disposition. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the change in her mood and outlook from desolation to contentment was dramatic and rapid.
    With very few exceptions, this is how mom remained throughout the 15 or so months she lived at Yew Tree. My daughter and myself visited very regularly, several times each week both individually and together, and from the outset we were welcomed and made to feel comfortable and very much a part of the Yew Tree family, visiting at all different times throughout the days of each week, and always without prior notice or warning. Whilst this allowed us to fit visits in with busy lives, it also gave the opportunity to see how Yew Tree ‘works’ in the normal course of daily events, and hence to feel very confident that no special actions or activities were laid on specifically to impress visitors. If there were any incidents or developments which occurred between our visits, we were always notified by telephone immediately, and if we had any questions or concerns during any of our visits, either Carol or one of her staff always made time to listen to and discuss these with us regardless of other calls upon their time. Any specific suggestions or requests we made were listened to and where appropriate, acted upon, and although it will always be possible to be so pernickety that something can be found to criticise or moan about in regulated homes which are required to adhere to rules and protocols which simply do not apply in domestic settings, both my daughter and myself genuinely believe that in Yew Tree Nursing Home we managed to find the best residential nursing care either of us has experienced in our professional lives. We were therefore surprised to find that we were both confident and happy to leave our precious mom and nan in their care.
    Although mom celebrated her 90th birthday whilst at Yew Tree, she thrived so very well under the care she received that we fully expected her to be there for a considerable number of years. Sadly, however, this proved not to be the case, and unexpectedly to all of us, she seemed to make the decision during the summer of 2017 that her time had come and she was ready to cast off her mortal coil. Her decline was quite sudden, dramatic, and unpredictably rapid, but throughout her last weeks, Yew Tree not only allowed and welcomed, but positively supported myself and my daughter to spend both days and nights with mom. Whilst we did so, not only did mom continue to receive wonderful, loving care as she approached her end of life, but we too were so very well looked after, being given free access to the whole home including the kitchen to make ourselves drinks and snacks at any time of the day and night, and indeed being provided with a room to enable us to take turns to get a few hours’ sleep. All of the staff were totally supportive and massively caring and understanding, and when the inevitable finally happened, it was very apparent that our loss and grief was shared throughout the home. Carol and her staff ensured that all appropriate arrangements were made, thus taking this burden from us, and the love and care which was always so apparent, even extended to Carol and Vicky attending mom’s funeral, something which was very much appreciated by our so little family.
    I, in particular, do not give praise lightly, and indeed know only too well that I am something of a serial complainer. My quite extensive experience of residential care/nursing homes has also made me quite cynical about such care especially in these times of cuts in health and social care budgets, about which I am neither oblivious nor unrealistic. I have to say quite genuinely, however, that as circumstances left us with no alternative but to place my mother in residential nursing care, I am so very glad that we stumbled across Yew Tree Nursing Home, and that she was able to spend her final months there, being looked after, cared for, and indeed truly loved. Thank you, Carol, to you especially, but also to every single member of your staff. You made the final chapter of my mom’s life as settled, happy and contented as possible, and I believe she truly felt loved, which is something for which we will be eternally grateful. I already miss my several-times-weekly visits to Yew Tree, which had also become something of a home-from-home for me too. Yew Tree Nursing Home certainly proved to be our home of choice and both professionally and personally, neither my daughter (the nurse and granddaughter) nor myself (the social worker, best interests assessor and daughter) would have a moment’s hesitation in giving the highest recommendation to others to make this their home to choose for their precious loved ones.
    Thank You, Yew Tree!

  5. Julie Coleman

    I am writing on behalf of all our family .Our Mother was admitted to YewTree a year ago .Mum was previously living quite independently at home .Mum became unwell.Home care had been arranged but was very unsatisfactory as unreliable .Mum came into YewTree initially for a period of respite care but soon made the decision to stay permanently .The Staff at Yew Tree are extremely dedicated and care for Mum very well.Within a short time Mum was feeling better but not well enough to live at home as needed 24 hour care .This was due to the care and attention from all the care and Nursing staff at Yew Tree.
    The Staff at the home made mum very welcome .The small touches are lovely .There was a bouquet of flowers in the room for when Mum arrived welcoming her into the home .The bedroom was all newly decorated for her and a life box was provided for Mum to put her photo albums and personal items in .Vicky came along with a brochure for Mum to choose soft furnishings and furniture for her room .A truly personal touch .An extra wardrobe was purchased for Mum as she had a lot of clothes .The room accommodates many personal items and is very homely .Mum enjoys a daily newspaper and this was arranged .
    Within two days of being at Yew Tree she was seen by the Doctor , the Physiotherapist ,the Choropodist and even a shoe shop representative as Mums slippers were a little worse for wear and a safety risk .The Staff are very efficient at dealing with things promptly . When the doctor visits the Nursing staff inform us immediately of any changes to treatment .We know Mum is in good hands and we have peace of mind now .
    Mum likes to go to the hairdressers and although there is a hairdresser within YewTree ,Mum has always enjoyed going out to a salon . This is no trouble . Mum visits the hairdresser in the village and is taken by one of the Staff each week . A very thoughtful touch.
    The Home provides a very good service and nothing is too much trouble .The Home cooked meals and daily baking that goes on in the kitchen are thoroughly enjoyed .The Activities staff work every day and keep the residents occupied .There are lots of variety in entertainment as well as the monthly outings which the Home arranges for the residents to enjoy .Residents meetings are a regular theme and all the residents and family’s have an opportunity to contribute in the meeting where HomeLife is discussed openly . The home is very clean and always smells fresh.
    The residents diary is arranged at the meetings .Vicky writes the Gazette every month which is distributed to residents ,family and staff .Mum loves receiving her copy and looks forward to all the events in store .The Wedding Day was a huge success .and there are themed days arranged to stimulate the residents .The gardens are attractive .The residents enjoy them on good days with the added interest for the residents of the pony and Home reared chickens .
    Mum has made lots of new friends and is very happy .She keeps in touch with family and friends .The Staff arrange for her to make regular phone calls .
    Our family are always made very welcome . Everyone is so friendly ,radianting kindness and compassion .We can stay for meals with Mum at any time , very much a home from home environment .
    This Home is highly recommended by our family .
    Thank you all very much .
    Julie, Carol and Michael

  6. Pat Shipman

    November 2016

    My mother, Anne Wilkes was a resident at Yew Tree Nursing Home for 12 months suffering from dementia. Having viewed a number of care homes in the area my brother and I were sure that here, under the leadership of Carol, she would be provided with the best care in a lovely bright and cheerful environment.

    These first impressions turned out to be well founded. The staff, without exception, treated her with kindness, respect and patience throughout her time there. We were impressed by the dedication of each one of them, whatever their role.

    The atmosphere is homely and visitors are made very welcome. The catering staff work hard to provide appetising and nutritious meals, alternatives being offered to suit different tastes. There is an overall impression that nothing is too much trouble.

    As I sat with Mum during the difficult weeks as she neared the end of her life, I was moved by the level of kindness and care shown to her and also to us as a family. Apart from the excellent nursing and personal care, many of the staff passing her room would offer to bring us refreshments or to help keep Mum comfortable. We were all treated with the utmost compassion and sensitivity.

    Pat Shipman.

  7. Roy & Dawn Timmins

    Copied from Thank you card received from family with their permission.

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the loving care given to Derek over the past 2years plus. Your consistent attention to everything impresses us very much, also the way that dignity is respected. Never once have we noticed odour of any kind – remarkable!! and the happy atmosphere of the home is lovely, makes it a pleasure to visit instead of what could be a bit of an ordeal. Even the pictures everywhere are a delight.

    Also good to visit your Shetland pony “Duncan” who is also cared for so well having recently being given a new house to live in, in the lovely grounds.

    God bless you all in the care you give to others.

    p.s. Thank you for the regular newsletter about Activities and outings arranged for the residents – you really are the “tops”.

  8. Tracy Dawn Casey

    I was blown away when I first saw this website complete with Duncan the pony, Gemma the cat and hens reared by the residents collectively known as The Cheeky Girls. As an RMN I hear much said regarding meaningful, therapeutic activities, homely homes and genuine respect, compassion and care but do not always see evidence of this in practice. Yew Tree is the exception providing monthly coach trips, outings and even weddings for the sensory experience and long remembered trips down memory lane so vividly recounted and cherished by the residents. The icing on the wedding cake is Carol Lightwood, the Manager whom I met today and who treated me with friendly kindness and radiated passion for the home and everyone in it. All other staff members I met were equally dedicated and welcoming. Visiting Yew Tree has been an uplifting experience and is a leading benchmark in holistic care for others to aspire to.
    An advocate for Yew Tree, Mrs. Tracy Dawn Casey.

  9. diane woolliscroft

    My mum Margaret Underwood, was until recently, a resident at Yew Tree for 5 1/2 years following a severe stroke. During her time there, she received exemplary care and was treated with kindness by lovely staff. The family were always updated about changes in mum’s condition, and staff were happy to discuss any aspect of her care. The home has a full social time table, including days out, activities at the home, from singing to manicures and even rearing chicks! Plus there are several animals including a pony, which is great for the residents! There are also resident and family meetings, so everyone has a chance to say their bit, and the newsletter lets everyone know what is happening. The home is set in lovely grounds which are wheelchair accessible, with fantastic views over the countryside. Mum’s friends were always welcomed at Yew Tree, and they all have commented what a lovely welcoming and caring place it is – it certainly gave us peace of mind, knowing mum was cared for so well. Thank you to all at Yew Tree, Diane, Mark and families.

  10. Melita Wells

    Our Mum, Paddy Higgins, had Vascular Dementia and needed 24 hour care when she became a resident in April 2012 ( till September 2013). Mum was always treated with kindness, patience and respect by all of the staff and became one of the Yew Tree family. Yew Tree has a really homely feeling, both in its attitude towards the residents, visitors and the surroundings provided. Mum was encouraged to join in all the events and outings, and our family was always welcome to join in at any time. A cup of tea and a snack were readily available to us, as were friendly chats with the staff about Mum’s continuing care. Nothing was too much trouble. Mum’s last days at Yew Tree were filled with devotion by the staff in providing the best care and consideration for her comfort. Yew Tree kindly agreed to us providing a seating area for use by other residents in Mum’s memory. We again send our heartfelt thanks to all the staff for thier wonderful care of Mum. Fond Regards Melita , Rose, Mike and families.

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