Our Service

Yew Tree Nursing Home aims to provide its residents with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort is of prime importance. All staff will preserve and maintain dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents within a warm and caring environment and in so doing will be sensitive to the residents ever changing needs. Our objective is to provide excellent care which embraces fundamental principles and good care practice.

Effectively managing the quality of our care service is essential for business excellence. Quality is established with the standards that we set, this is ongoing and Yew Tree Nursing Home refers to this as continuous quality improvement which is achieved through ongoing auditing of our systems, policies and procedures. Residents, families and friends have a role to play and regular residents meetings are held to help improve on the quality of the service.

Yew Tree Nursing Home aim to offer personalised holistic care to each resident. The care is assessed, planned and documented in the care plan. The care plan is the core of the care delivered. The resident and families are involved in this process to ensure outcomes are met and all needs attended to. The residents care needs are continually monitored and any changes are responded to appropriately by our nursing staff. Care reviews with residents and family take place regularly and we have an open door policy at all times.

Our main aim is to provide a service that gives quality of life to our residents; fundamentally this is about ensuring values such as choice, rights, respect, privacy and individuality are maintained. Life at Yew Tree revolves around how the residents want to live their life and this is accommodated as close as possible. The staff are there to facilitate and support the residents in the choices they make. We encourage residents, where possible, to maintain contact with the local community and facilitate this by organising social events outside the home, with day trips to local attractions including garden centres and places of interest. We have contact with the local Hillside Ladies group which organise charity and social events throughout the year which the residents partake in and enjoy. The home has a social calendar of interesting activities and events to give the residents variety, some of the events undertake recently include baby shower, wedding day within the home, a variety of singing entertainment, Karaoke, falconry displays, animal man visits and pampering days.

Yew Tree has a home from home feel which is intensified with the variety of pets that the home has. The homes pets currently consists of a cat called Gemma, two guinea pigs called Mable and Cookie, Four ducks called Jimmy, Coco, Sunny and Puddles which were hand reared by our residents personally, Rabbit  named Hershey and lastly our resident Shetland ponies Duncan and Merry Legs. The residents are encouraged to spend time outside in the grounds when weather is permitting and look forward to interacting with the animals which they find therapeutic.