March 2020 Newsletter

March Newsletter 2020

Welcome to your March Gazette and would you believe that Spring is fast approaching although with the amount of weather changes we’ve had since Christmas who knows what the season will bring.

In the gardens you may have noticed that Merry Legs has arrived at last. On the day of arrival you may have heard a lot of neighing from Merry Legs as she announced her arrival  with such fan fair for all to hear and in return Duncan did some very proud prancing and lots of sniffing through the fence as they made friends. We had intended to start with a slow introduction so Duncan would have time to get used to having another pony around. However Duncan’s charms were just too much to resist and Merry legs decided she wanted to be with him almost immediately so the full meet and great was escalated very quickly. We did a very short introduction on the Sunday which resulted in Duncan showing more interest in Merry Legs new stable and treats rather than Merry Legs herself but he did eventually say hello. Followed by a full introduction and trot into the paddock by both ponies on the Monday.

Merry Legs has since become Duncan’s shadow and where ever he may be you can rest assured she’s not far away with even a little nudge out of the way for Duncan whenever food is involved. We will be keeping them apart on weekends and evenings at present so Duncan can have a little rest for a while, as sometimes Husbands needs a little break every now and again, well that’s what John tells me anyway.

So everyone please join me in welcoming Merry Legs to the Yew Tree Family. John has provided carrots and apples by the paddock which your are welcoming to give to the ponies should you wish……..